The mittens fan club is a group of wiki users that enjoy mittens and her shenanigans.

Known Members Edit

Jojo: Founder/ Sammich Maker

TUNAA: PRESIDENT (PoundtheAlarm)

Vice President: KittyLover (Asfbn)

Chef: The Orange Smudge (HeavyRotation)

Regular Member : Princess Catfood (NommyZombies)

Regular Member: TOAST. (FinnickisBOSS)

Regular Member: potato ( the hungarian games)

Regular Member: Unicorn Cookie Chocolate Bunny (Zakel)

Regular Member: Swag (swag)

About the ClubEdit

The Mittens Fan Club was formed on July 16th, 2012. Many people question the existance of this club, but we are comitted to Mittens and her actions. We enjoy her playful personality.


Flag was designed by Tuna, the President of TMFC.

Fan Club Flag!

The Mittens Fan Club Flag

Mittens and her friendsEdit


Mittens in a orange cat with a rebellious personality. She loves bacon, and can be feisty at times. Mittens is owned by Jojo, and enjoys spending time with him. She likes to frequently go on chat along with Jojo, and has great vocabulary and typing skills. Has an obsession with yarn.


Marvin is Mitten's friend. He is a party beaver, that also loves bacon. Marvin is owned by Tuna, and looks up to her as she is his owner. He enjoys visiting chat with Tuna, and speaking to Mittens. He enjoys parties, gatherings, and hanging with Mittens. He has skills, like dancing, and lives life to the fullest.

Reason for FormationEdit

TMFC was formed for one reason. To celebrate Mittens and her life.